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Auto detailing Salt Lake City 

Is your car in need of a makeover? Does it look like you have 6 toddlers with 0 parental supervision that were let loose on the inside and outside of your car? If that is the case, then our services are definitely needed! Here at Destination Detailers, we specialize in turning dirty cars, into looking like it was just driven off the dealership parking lot! 

We are the best mobile detailing company in the Utah Valley, and we are committed to a thorough and complete job, rather than rushing to get the job done quickly. That is what we pride ourselves in here at Destination Detailers, and it is the reason all our clients love us and continually use our services. Every car that we come to detail ends up looking 10x better than before!

We can detail just about any type of vehicle that is needed, but mainly we service:

  • Sedans 

  • Convertibles

  • Trucks

  • SUV's

  • Vans


    If you’re wondering if only luxury cars and convertibles get detailed, the answer is no! Car detailing can be done to just about any vehicle. Even ski boats or jet skis can be detailed! In fact, our most common cars we service typically are SUV’s and vans.

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    The reason SUV’s and vans require the most attention, is because they are usually stacked with kids and toddlers. Kids always find the craziest places to hide toys, valuables, and food. Suffice it to say, cars get dirty on the inside and outside when children are in them. Don’t let the SUV or van get dirty beyond cleaning, let Destination Detailers clean the inside and outside of the car!

    However, not only do cars that are extremely dirty need a fresh detail. We service many nice sedans and luxury vehicles. There is a sense of upkeep and pride when being the owner of a luxury sports car or an executive sedan. This applies to the engine and the aesthetic of the car. As a luxury car owner it is important to have regular car detailing to your car to keep the asset in pristine condition! Destination Detailers is highly experienced in a regular monthly and bi monthly car detailing in Salt Lake City. Call us to find out more about our regular monthly maintenance services!

    About us

    • Safety

    • Trust

    • Efficiency 

    • Quality


    • Vacuuming

    • Steaming

    • Vinyl and plastic shine

    • Leather conditioning

    • Washing

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    Vehicle types

    • Sedan

    • Convertibles

    • Trucks

    • SUV's

    • Vans

    About us

    As a company, our main focuses are safety, trust, efficiency and quality. Our firm belief is that these characteristics are what drive us to be the #1 mobile detailing business in Salt Lake City! 

    As health and safety is the main concern of the nation during these days, we make it a priority to make you feel as comfortable as possible when we come and detail your car. Whatever requests or restrictions are needed, we are more than happy to oblige. Sanitation is a big concern, our mobile detailing process is 100% sanitary, and it’s a great way to keep cars clean and safe from disease. 

    Other concerns may rise about products we use to clean and their effect on the environment. Like our commitment to making our visit sanitary, we are also committed to using environmentally friendly agents that get the job done and leave both parties feeling good. Our commitment to safety when mobile car detailing in Salt Lake City plays a big factor on why our clients love us so much, so what are you waiting for? Call for a free instant quote!

    Trustworthy companies don’t have to keep throwing the message out there that they can be trusted, they show it through their actions. This is our mission on every car detailing job we do. We put our money where our mouth is and show you what a quality mobile detailing company we are. Our customer service, quality detailing, and pricing are the best in The Utah Valley and we want to prove it to you. 

    Quality car detailing is important to us at Destination Detailers, far more than it is to our clients. While we understand an elegant detailing job is important to our clients, we live and breathe car detailing in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. It is our mission and life goal to leave all of our customers and clients extremely satisfied with the quality of the details we perform. 


    The process of our car detail service starts with the inside of the vehicle. 

    1. Step one is to declutter the car, removing any unwanted items like garbage and removing the floor mats. 

    2. Step two is to clean the floor mats. If they are rubber we are going to rinse them and spray them with a cleaner and do a deep scrub. If they are carpet floor mats then we will vacuum and steam clean the carpets.

    3. Step three is to vacuum the interior thoroughly. This step is where Destination Detailers in Salt Lake City does our best work, and it’s the step that we focus on not rushing. Making sure to get into every nook and cranny, we do extremely competent work on this step.

    4. Step four is dusting the interior. Dusting is one of the most satisfying parts of the interior service. It seems like this service can really only be done by the professionals. It is very hard to get into all the nooks and crannies of the dashboard and air vents and you have to have special tools to complete.

    5. The final step is to clean the seats. Whether they are upholstery or leather we clean them both! We use a steam cleaner for the seats, and we use a leather conditioner for leather seats to protect against the sun's harmful UV rays.

    Moving on to the exterior of the car, we finish by washing and waxing all the paint areas. We use gentle car soaps and high quality wax on every car exterior that we do. It is important to make the grill of the car shine nicely without damaging it. And the soaps we use on the body paint of the car are used specifically to keep any paint chips from getting worse when we wash it. Call us now for a free instant quote for our exterior washing and waxing services!

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